Each year, Whirlpool demonstrates its dedication to supporting initiatives in its local community. Throughout 2019, the Peterborough based brand demonstrated its commitment to supporting a number of local charities that all provide indispensable care for those in need, as well as partnering with a leading charity to raise awareness of vital issues that affect people across the world.

The annual Whirlpool Community Week, which took part between 23rd – 27th September, saw colleagues of Whirlpool volunteer in their local community. In total, 200 hours were spent helping three different charities: FoodCycle, British Heart Foundation and Little Miracles.

At FoodCycle in Peterborough, a charity that uses surplus food to serve meals to support those that are hungry and lonely, Whirlpool staff gave the kitchen space a deep clean, as well as helped to prepare and host a dinner for members of the local community.

Colleagues also spent time working in two British Heart Foundation (BHF) shops in Peterborough. The British Heart Foundation funds vital research into all heart and circulatory diseases and their causes, with the hope of developing preventions, treatments and cures.

Little Miracles, a charity that supports families and children with additional needs, disabilities and life limiting conditions, aims to ensure that families receive the support required to care for their loved ones. Whirlpool colleagues who volunteered at Little Miracles maintained the garden, planted winter vegetables and painted benches and bright graphics around the centre, to make it as welcoming as possible for families and children with additional needs.

The Whirlpool Community week initiative, which started in Italy in 2017, now involves over 2,700 Whirlpool colleagues across 15 different countries. Working alongside 32 non-profit organisations, Whirlpool colleagues have dedicated a total of over 21,000 hours to their local communities as part of the global initiative. The Whirlpool Community Week initiative, now in its third year, gives colleagues the opportunity to give back to the organisations that work tirelessly for their local communities.

In November 2019, Whirlpool announced its partnership with British Heart Foundation, ensuring that all employees will receive training on how to safely deliver cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR). The 45 minute training sessions will provide colleagues with the ability to give life-saving treatment to someone in cardiac arrest. Heart and circulatory diseases affect more than seven million people across the country*, and Whirlpool invested in this partnership to support those in need, and potentially save a life.

Through its partnership with BHF, the brand further demonstrates its commitment to supporting the development of vital research and the promotion of lifesaving care. Together with the community week, the initiatives demonstrate that Whirlpool is dedicated to supporting and promoting issues on both a local and global scale, displaying its commitment to helping those in need.

* https://www.bhf.org.uk/what-we-do/our-research/heart-statistics