Diane Berry Kitchens sell as many of their clients used kitchens as they can to avoid them going to land fill and give them a second life.

We have a dedicated container for all our card and paper which is all recycled, all our polystyrene is all recycled, all timber from packaging is stored for a local gentlemen who collects it weekly on his dog walks for his wood burner, all metal is recycled and to encourage the lads the money that they get for weighed in metal is theirs to keep – so they ensure they collect it all!

We work with the local church ‘Our lady of Grace’ we advertise yearly in their hand book and have installed the kitchen in the church hall, worked in the Presbytery the priest kitchen.

All paper is recycled from the studio too. We are in the process of rebuilding the local British legion building which had fallen into disrepair and this will become our new studio in Summer 2018.

We will be offering our studio to the British legion to have monthly coffee mornings and hope to involve them as they couldn’t afford to run this branch and have to travel out of the area now. My Grand father played darts in the British legion building 80 year ago and was the local plumber in Prestwich!

My father had a kitchen business in Prestwich and I have my business in Prestwich. It would have been easy to move to a city but my heart and loyalty are in Prestwich. I have cameras on my studio and my warehouse and a interesting fact is my cameras picked up a man running and helped convict him of the murder of his partner! So weird the things we do within our community!