Rotpunkt is keen to keep moving forward to celebrate its centenary in business in 2030, with a multi-million euro investment at its site in Bunde, which will increase the size of the factory and create a new showroom and training centre. It is also enhancing C-parts production at the plant at Getmold, to ensure that its workforce has state-of-the-art equipment, which is above and beyond the recommended safety requirements.

Its people are its greatest asset, so it wants to take care of them. E.g., we have already invested in wearable tech and equipped the dispatch team with exoskeletons to support them during their most physically-demanding tasks. Rotpunkt is committed to growing its automated and manual capabilities in tandem, so it can best serve our markets. The majority of production is exported from its headquarters in Germany, with international sales representing around 80% of our revenue. The British market is a strong sources of growth alongside France, Scandinavia, Belgium and Germany.

Rotpunkt will be family-focussed in more ways than one as it continues its eco-friendly expansion strategy in 2021 – alongside creating cutting-edge kitchen-living solutions for the 21st century family, the driving force behind the brand’s success is the ‘Rotpunkt family’ which comprises all the brand’s suppliers worldwide.

The company prides itself on its attitude, ability to establish and maintain positive relationships with the people it works with and its understanding of their needs and requirements. The team in the UK is extremely positive, approachable and personable – with a strong ‘can do attitude’ and this upbeat and resourceful vibe is palpable in the showroom, so that end users can get a flavour of the company’s energy and dynamism.

Alongside its statement designs for the kitchens of tomorrow, it will continue to treat sustainability as a matter of high importance and convey this message to its target audience so they can see how carbon-free manufacturing process works and that it is doing its utmost, wherever possible, to protect the environment.

At Rotpunkt, success is measured not only by growth in turnover, but also by levels of customer satisfaction and customer loyalty. Rotpunkt find that the depth and breadth of its product range is a key driver of growth. End users are very keen to take advantage of the flexibility of the range, showing an interest in a lot of different products that are available to them. It also helps that rather than going for mainstream options, it can provide customers with tailor-made solutions, which it promotes the ‘power of possibilities’ and a high degree of individual design elements and style.”