In June 2018, VADO organised another successful VADO Rally where members of the KBB, plumbing and building industries come together in a bid to raise money for both the Rainy Day Trust and Variety charities.

After 22 teams travelled through Copenhagen, Namur, Amsterdam, Lüneburg and Malmö in a road-legal car worth under £500, the VADO Rally raised an incredible £101,000 for the chosen charities; smashing the £65,000 raised in 2016.

The money raised will been invaluable in helping to support those from our industry who have fallen on hard times along with children coping with sickness, disability or disadvantage across the UK.

The efforts of the teams, sponsors and everyone who took part has already made a tangible difference. In September 2018, the BMF, one of VADO’s partners for the event, were able to present a brand-new minibus, known as a Variety Sunshine Coach, to John Flamsteed Community School at St George’s Park.

In December 2018, VADO were also delighted to present another brand-new Variety Sunshine Coach to Pathfield School in Barnstaple. These 17-seater minibuses will be vital in transporting children to local events whilst allowing whole classes to travel together.

As one of the industry’s leading and most united charity fundraisers of the year, the VADO Rally can make a true difference to the lives of many; an achievement not possible without the help of everyone involved. VADO would like to thank all the teams and sponsors who took part in this epic adventure and contributed to another successful and memorable event.