Hotpoint, part of Whirlpool UK Appliances Limited, demonstrates its commitment to sustainability, environmental issues and the wider community with the Fresh Thinking for Forgotten Food initiative, which helps combat the issue of food waste in the UK. Throughout 2019, the brand developed community initiatives, raised vital funds for charity and campaigned to increase awareness of the impact that food waste in landfill has on the environment.

This year, Hotpoint teamed up with Jamie Oliver to get the nation to take on the Eat Your Fridge Challenge – seven days of being more mindful when it comes to cooking, eating root to stem where possible and committing to throwing away zero edible food waste. New research commissioned by Hotpoint revealed that Brits have to cook an average of two dishes each mealtime to cater for various household dietary requirements, contributing to over £1 billion worth of food a month ending up in the bin*.

The new study not only raised awareness of food waste but highlighted why food is wasted. For example, the research found that having to buy in a variety of different ingredients, and a lack of meal planning, were contributing factors to the nations food waste crisis*. Also adding to the food waste mountain is confusion over what parts of fruit, vegetables, meat and fish are edible*. Pinpointing why the UK is in a food waste crisis can help to create viable solutions.

The Eat Your Fridge Challenge, part of Hotpoints ongoing Fresh Thinking for Forgotten Food campaign, encourages consumers to make more mindful food decisions in an effort to reduce domestic food waste. Jamie Oliver created new recipes, tips and food hacks designed to help consumers look at food waste in a new light. From broccoli stems to potato skins, and even radish leaves, the root to stem approach meant that even the most forgotten parts of fruit and vegetables were used to create delicious meals.

In addition to promoting sustainability and addressing environmental issues, Hotpoint recognises the importance of community initiatives and supporting local charities. Hotpoint partnered with FoodCycle, a charity that uses food waste to create community meals. Consumers were encouraged to use the hashtag #EatYourFridge on social media, sharing a food waste tip, and every time the hashtag was used, Hotpoint donated the value of four meals to FoodCycle. Overall, Hotpoint raised a total of £19,800.

Further to the donation, Hotpoint employees helped out at their local FoodCycle kitchen in Peterborough, where Whirlpool UKs head office is located. Employees volunteered to spend time preparing meals and cleaning the kitchens of FoodCycles Peterborough project. This voluntary work helped support Whirlpool UKs Community Week initiative. Hotpoint also donated fridges to various other FoodCycle kitchens in the UK.

Hotpoints commitment to sustainability, environmental issues and community based initiatives, not only raised vital funds but also generated awareness too, making them a clear contender for the Social Corporate Responsibility award.

* Research conducted September 2019